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Pest Removal for Your Business and Home

Pest Control - Silverfish Pest Removal


Silverfish are a nuisance pest that can destroy your clothes, wallpaper, books & documents.

Cockroach Pest Removal


Cockroaches are robust insects that can tolerate a wide range of environments. Contact us for a speedy solution.

Mice Pest Removal


Mice can cause structural damage and spread disease through their parasites and feces.

Moth Pest Removal


Moths can ruin wool clothing as well as other natural materials, including hair, silk, fur & felt.

Fly Pest Removal


Flies found in Food Outlets and kitchens often indicate hygiene or drainage issues. Get in touch for a prompt service.

Flea Pest Removal


If you own pets, you may experience a problem with fleas. As well as treating the animal, treat your home and control further outbreaks.

Wasp Pest Removal


Wasps can be a serious danger when provoked.  They can sting multiple times and nests should be removed by professionals. Call Today.

Rat Pest Removal


As well as carrying diseases, Rats can cause significant damage to pipes and cables. Arrange your site survey now.

Spider Pest Removal


Increasingly, we are seeing non-native spiders in Ireland. If you have an infestation, call for a cost effective solution.

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Complete inspection & eradication Pest Control

  • We are an independent, fully accredited Pest Management business delivering professional pest control and eradication services for residential and commercial premises
  •  We have highly qualified, friendly, and experienced staff
  • We offer an emergency service for all commercial & residential work, so there’s no need for you to have to tolerate your infestation
  • We use unmarked vehicles so your neighbours or customers will not become concerned when we pull up outside!


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